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Soiless Mixes

Canadian peat moss based mixes from top quality producers. All our soil Vendors support Peat Bog Restoration and Preservation Programs.

  • Berger Peat Moss
    Top quality mixes with ISO 9001/2000 certification. They offer variety with consistent quality.
    • BM 4 Euro Mix
    • BM 1 General Purpose Mix
    • BM 2 Germination Mix
    • BM 6 W/ Rice Hulls
    • BM 6 W/ 15% Perlite
    • BM 6 W/ 22% Perlite
    • BM 7 Bark Mix

  • Premier Horticulture
    A leading producer and distributor of Canadian Sphagnum peat moss and soilless mixes.
    • Promix BX w/ Mycorise®
    • Promix HP w/ Mycorise®
    • Promix PGX Plug Mix
    • Ultimate Organic Mix/ Mycorise® OMRI Certified
    • Promix TBK Professional Peat Moss

  • Sun Gro Horticulture
    A Long time leader in the industry for formulating soilless mixes for professional growers.
    • Sunshine® Mix LC 1 / Versatile all purpose mix
    • Sunshine® Mix LC 8 / with vermiculite and perlite
    • Metro Mix® 500 / with Bark and Bark Ash
    • Other mixes available. Minimums may apply

  • Old Castle Soil